Our Values

We Value:

1. Transforming Relationships

We believe that God has called us to real, transparent, authentic and accountable relationship where each person’s gifts are encouraged for the strengthening of our community. We purposefully pursue relational connection with God & each other. We relate to God through scripture, prayer, meditation, and worship and we connect with one another as we journey through life.

2. “Messengers” of the Good News

We want to share the good news of the transforming power of Jesus to others. We are called to show God’s love through our words and actions into our communities and the world in the way that will be most impacting for the recipient and best suited to our gifts. Such actions might include: acts of service like providing meals, caring for the poor, praying for individuals struggling with sickness, emotional pain,  and addiction, and helping others discover Jesus through conversations and relationships.

3. Everyone plays

We embrace the belief that all of us have something to offer. God calls each of us to participate in Kingdom work in a naturally supernatural way. In contrast to a mindset that says only the “professional clergy” do the work of the ministry, we embrace the belief that we all play. We believe that God has called all of us to use what we have and who we are to the best of our ability to see the miraculous happen.

4. Expectation

We expect to see God work powerfully in our lives and the lives of people around us. We expect that as we love God & love others, we will see God transform our world.