People Loving Jesus and Each Other

We are a collection of people on a journey through life together towards a purpose:

Loving Jesus, one another, and the world God created. We seek to be a safe place for those who are hurting.

A dynamic place for those looking to be inspired by the purposes of God.

An empowering place for those who want join in alongside the beautiful work of God.

We meet Sundays at 10:00am at John Galt Public School in Guelph. Join us.

You are welcome here


A Holy Spirit Surprise Sunday

This was a fun morning that went off script in the best sort of way. Includes an amazing testimony of God’s goodness from Dawn Humphrey. So good.

Verbs of God: A Year of Jubilee and Day of Comeuppance

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

Isaiah wrote about a year of God’s favour and a day of vengeance on the enemies of God’s people. When Jesus approaches that same text, hundreds of years later, he is curiously silent on the “vengeance” bit. We’re going to explore both what Isaiah said and what Jesus explicitly didn’t.

Verbs Of God: For Those In Darkness… Light!

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

Join us as we continue reflecting on Isaiah 61:1-2 and Jesus’ proclamation of this same passage in Luke 4. This week we focus on the work of God to free captives, release prisoners, and we’ll also explore Jesus’s apparent addition to the text… recovery sight for the blind.