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As we are all aware there is an emerging health crisis worldwide at the moment with the rapid transmission of the Coronavirus disease known as Covid-19. Even over the past 24 hours, the level of concern and subsequent recommended courses of action being directed towards Canadians has shifted pretty dramatically.

In response to recent developments, Guelph Vineyard will be halting Sunday gatherings for at least the next four Sundays (March 15-April 5).

Although this decision was partially made for us given the Upper Grand District School Board’s decision to cancel all public school use up to and including April 5th, even prior to this announcement it was becoming clear that this would be the best course of action in response to COVID-19.

Proceeding with an abundance of caution seems prudent in this time. We are not a fearful people… and we are also called to be wise. Forward-looking action that helps to slow down the spread of this virus will benefit those who are most vulnerable in our community. We want to be able to care well for those who are elderly or who have pre-existing health concerns. This is part of what it means to love our neighbours.

These are interesting times…. unprecedented in any of our lifetimes, actually. In times like this, the invitation to locate our peace in Christ is all the more resonant. He truly is our peace.

So, being community together will necessarily look a bit different for a little while, but it’s okay! We will find ways to connect and support one another, even inside the strange constraints of this time.

So, Sundays at 10am we’re going to have a live video stream via our Guelph Vineyard facebook group. If you’re not connected to that group, here’s the direct link for you to request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuelphVineyard/

During that time, we will have some worship, a brief word and there will also be space for us to interact with one another via the comment thread on the video. It’ll be an experiment, so hopefully it’ll work!

I’d like to leave you with this. Here’s an excerpt from a communication to Calgary’s Epic Vineyard Church community, and I want to echo it here as it contains some powerful reminders:

“Throughout history there have been serious epidemics that have impacted whole nations, and at times the known world. Historians recount how profound and noteworthy the participation of Christians has been in such times.

Even in Canadian history, famous Jesuit priest Jean deBrebeuf is remembered for his courage to lead his priests in caring sacrificially for Indigenous people who were suffering from small pox. Many became convinced of the gospel because of the love demonstrated by God’s people in times like these.

We want to encourage all of us to be people who are wise, who love well in our consideration and care of others, and to be steadfast in prayer.”

Peace to us all, in Jesus.


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