People Loving Jesus and Each Other

We are a collection of people on a journey through life together towards a purpose:

Loving Jesus, one another, and the world God created. We seek to be a safe place for those who are hurting.

A dynamic place for those looking to be inspired by the purposes of God.

An empowering place for those who want join in alongside the beautiful work of God.

We meet Sundays at John Galt Public School in Guelph.

Service starts at 10:15 am. Come at 10 am to hang out and say hi!

You are welcome here



Speaker: Wayne MacQueen
Revelation 21:7 “I will be their God and they will be my sons and daughters”
Such a profound statement that drives home  the teleos of God’s Redemptive plan. (“Teleos” = the completion of where all of this is going). Once we were slaves to sin, giving all of our energy, time and resources to trying to be good enough to live a good enough life. But now, Grace abounds, and freedom is available to be free from the project of trying to fix ourselves and trying to fix others. Together, let’s consider once again how “It is finished” provides us with freedom — to freely give away what we have been freely given.

Homecoming Part One

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

This Sunday we’re going to start to explore two stories of homecoming in the scriptures. We’ll take a look at what happened when God spoke to the Israelites and said “This land.” And we’ll also start to consider what happened to the early Church when God pointed to the wide world and said “These people”.

*Technical note – We apologize that the audio quality isn’t quite up to our usual standards. Sometimes stuff happens…. 😉

The Power of Hospitality

Speaker: Steve Stewart

This is an important talk from Steve Stewart, the founder of Impact Nations and spiritual grandfather of the Guelph Vineyard. We’ll be distilling this talk into the practices of the Guelph Vineyard for some time to come.