People Loving Jesus and Each Other

We are a collection of people on a journey through life together towards a purpose:

Loving Jesus, one another, and the world God created. We seek to be a safe place for those who are hurting.

A dynamic place for those looking to be inspired by the purposes of God.

An empowering place for those who want join in alongside the beautiful work of God.

We meet Sundays at John Galt Public School in Guelph.

Service starts at 10:15 am. Come at 10 am to hang out and say hi!

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The Creative Work Of God – Stuff That Grows

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

Last week we touched on a couple of the creative processes that He seems to use over and over again. Creating something where previously there was nothing, and then bringing order into the chaos that comes from that initial flourish of creativity. The very next thing He does? He grows stuff. Plants, vegetables, trees with fruit, stuff with roots. This week we’re going to explore God-the-gardener and consider what it means to tend growing things, to trust in the invisible behind-the-scenes processes that ultimately lead to healthy, delicious fruit. And the bible has amazing things to say about fruit!

Work of God: Something Out of Nothing/Order in Chaos

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

God’s primary work today is what it’s always been: Creating a good and beautiful creation. All through the big story of scripture, from the initial reveal in Eden, through the fall, the law, the prophets and straight through to the redeeming work of Jesus on the Cross, in every moment, God has been creating and recreating, artfully leading his creation towards his beautiful intentions. And he’s invited us to share in that work. This is the work of the Kingdom.

Every artist has tools and processes. This week we unpack two of the processes that God seems to use over and over again. We look at each, and explore how we are invited to come alongside him in this work, both in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

The Work of God: Creativity

Speaker: Kris MacQueen

We’re starting into a new series about the work of God that will take us through to lent. We’ll be looking at the work of the Kingdom, the work God has for us to do, through the lens of the work he’s doing to this very day: Creating a good and beautiful creation. We’re going to explore what’s in the toolkit of God, and look at how all this broadens what we can think of when we think about serving Him.